Portraiture Photo Shoot

For this photo shoot I took family photos as well as single portraits. For the family portraits some were in the neighborhood and some were out at the grandparents’ house. I chose specific scenes that represent the family. For the family of 3 and 4, I took pictures where they’ve made their favorite memories. Then for the big family photo, I took the pictures where they’ve spent the most time at similar to the smaller family portraits. For the single portraits, I really didn’t have any other choice but to do a studio photo shoot.

I used a lot of the rules of thirds through out this photo shoot in order for my subjects and their places to stand out. I used balance with the positioning of the people so the image flowed, then I used variety with their clothes so it expressed who they are in the family and/or everyday.

For the group photos, I incorporated my voice with the locations. Although they may not have all represented me, it still shows my value of home and memories. For the single portraits, my voice was incorporated with the subjects’ facial expressions and poses. I let them pose the way they felt at the moment, showing the importance of feelings.

This photo shoot has helped me view the world differently because I am able to look at a place and know that some family has an amazing memory there. A strength of mine that I had through out this photo shoot was finding the locations. A weakness that I had was probably positioning the family it different ways.

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