Pinhole Camera

How I made it

For this project, I started with measuring and scoring the inner box. Once the matte board was scored, I was able to easily fold it into a box. I then moved on to the outer box. To create my outer box I took my inner box and placed it on the outer box matte board, then marked it to so when I score and fold it the inner box would fit snugly in the outer box. After I made the inner and outer box it was time for me to make the front. In order for me to do this, I took a rectangular shape matte board and glued it to the inner box. When the front was finished drying, I cut out a small rectangle in the middle of it. I then had to make a back, so I just took another rectangular shaped matte board and glued it to the outer box. Once the front and back were created, it was time to make the shutter. In order to do this, I took and narrow and long rectangular piece of matte board and made sure it covered the small rectangle on the front. I then took two short and rectangular pieces of matte board and glued it on the front so the shutter and fit snugly over the small rectangle. After all that was created, I took another piece of matte board and cut it to where it fit over the short rectangular pieces. Before I glued it, I cut out a small rectangle — the same size as the one on the front — and made sure it was centered. After that I glued. To finish it off, I had to glue a rectangular piece of aluminum on the inside of the inner box to cover the rectangle opening and poked a small hole to make the pinhole.


How it works

The first thing you need to do in order for it to work is put film in it. However, you must but the film in while in a dark room or else it won’t work. Then you find a sunny place and choose your subject. When you figure that out, you must choose how long you should keep the shutter open. When I went to take my image, the weather was very cloudy. Since there was not much light I had to keep the shutter open longer than if the weather was sunny. I kept mine open for about 15 seconds and you can see how it turned out below. After the 15 seconds are up, you must close your shutter so no more light can come in. You then go back into a dark room and have to go through a 3-4 step process so your image can develop. The first and second chemicals help develop image then the third stops the chemical reaction from continuing. Once your image has under gone those 3 steps, you should put the image in water then let it air dry.

Pinhole Image

My subject: A doorway outside my school.

Thoughts and Review

I found this project very interesting to do, however, I do prefer digital photography over pinhole. I say this because the whole entire process of getting a good pinhole image is very meticulous and if you have the shutter open too long or short, your image would turn white or black. Overall, this assignment has helped me realize how much photography has changed over the years and how some of the past inventions/ideas can still be executed well now. A strength that I had throughout this assignment was creating the camera and making sure that now light was able to enter the box. A weakness I had was probably my ability to gauge how long to keep my shutter open.

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