Landmark Photo Shoot

For this photo shoot we were to go around our town and take images of things in the town that we love. I took an image of a local ice cream shop that I enjoy going to in the summer. I went downtown to take this photo because I love driving and walking through it.

Rules of composition has helped make this image better to draw the audience’s attention to see the location of the sign and what is a round it. By using depth of field we can see what is behind the sign and what is to the left of it. A main element I used in this photo was color. By doing this the audience is able to focus on the sign since the main color is green and everything else is mainly red. This leads into the emphasis principle because the color contrast gives emphasis on the main subject.

In this photo shoot I was able to incorporate my voice because I am able to show all the types of places my home town has within it. I am also able to show places that have meaning and memory in my life. With this photo shoot, I am able to see the world differently because I have realized that you don’t really give importance to places in your home town until you leave then go back.

A strength I had in this photo shoot was adding my voice in the photo shoot, and I did not see any weakness I had as I did the photo shoot.

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