Noun Photo Shoot


For this photo shoot we were to choose a noun and find pictures that represent the noun. My noun was Places. In this featured image I took a picture of a view from Red Rock Canyon. I went to Red Rock Canyon because I’ve never been there and I thought that I might as well visit if I’m close! I set up my scene by finding a great view of the valley with wonderful lighting.

Depth of field was a rule of composition that makes the image better. As you can see, with this image you are able to see in the far distance. Texture was a used to emphasize the mountains.

I included my voice in this image with the lighting, calm in a world with ups and downs. This photo shoot helped me view the world differently because I was able to step out of my normal surroundings and finding my voice in places I would have never thought I could see.

A strength I’ve had throughout this photo shoot is finding various locations I have not taken photos of.

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