Juxtaposition Photo Shoot

For this juxtaposition photo shoot we were to take various types of pictures with different meanings, then photo shop them in a way that makes them contrast. One of my picture ideas was an orange and a soccer ball. In order to get these images, I peeled the orange until about 3/4 of the orange was uncovered. Then in the same lighting I place the soccer ball in the same location and took the picture. Later, I went into photo shop and resized and took the background out of the soccer ball image, then placed in over the orange. After, I adjusted the soccer ball by the size and used the eraser tool to make it look like it was naturally sitting on the orange peel.

For this image in particular, I broke the rules of composition because I knew that it was going to be an unusual image with just the subject. So by not being specific with the rules of composition, and even principles & elements, I feel that it brought more character to the idea of juxtaposition.

As an artist, I added my own voice to in this photo shoot by trying to capture different things I enjoy doing with a small twist to them. After doing this photo shoot, I have viewed the world differently by seeing that there is juxtaposition almost everywhere, in some way.

Strengths I have had with this photo shoot was incorporating things I am interested in as well as things I enjoy doing. A weakness I think I had with photo shoot was trying to find ways to show juxtaposition between the two ideas.

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