Parody Artist Photoshoot

For this assignment, we were to pick an artist and try to take our own pictures like their style. The artist I chose was Brian Duffy, a well known photographer in the fashion and portrait movement. He was best known for his images he took in the 60’s.

The movement I focused in on was portrait. For this assignment I went out with my friend and had a photo shoot along the hiking trail we were on. On the day that we went it was like a spring day, so I felt that an outdoors aesthetic was appropriate for photo shoot — especially since a lot of Duffy’s photos were outside. To set up my scene, I found an area with a lot of character that described the time of year and the location we were at. I placed my subject in the mix, to make it look like she belonged with the nature and all the creations around her.

I used the rules of thirds and placed my subject off center and made sure the majority of the foreground was in the lower third of the photograph. By doing this, it allows my audience focus more on my subject the the background that surrounds her. The elements and principles that I used were texture, color, contrast, balance, and emphasis. By applying these elements and principles, I have made my image more appealing and unique.

For my subject matter, I choose my friend mainly because it had been quite some time since I have done a photo shoot with her and I felt that she was a great subject. I incorporated my voice in this image by the location.With my location, I am able to show and tell my audience that there is beauty in nature at all times of the year. Doing this assignment has helped me view the world differently in the way that I am able to see that you are able to incorporate multiple movements in one picture.

Throughout this project, a strength that I had was finding the right lighting that I wanted of my pictures. A weakness that I had was thinking of different ways to pose my subject.


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