Shutter Speed / Motion Reflection

For this photo shoot we had to work with the shutter speed on our camera. There were three different types of images that had to be taken for this photo shoot — freeze motion, blur motion, and panning. For freeze motion, both the subject and the background is still and in focus. The blur motion had the subject blurred and the background in focus, and the panning had the subject in focus but the background blurry. The images below are examples of freeze motion and blur motion, and above is an example of panning.

For the panning image I took a picture of my sister spinning around on a tree shaped ‘merry-go-round’ that was at a park and she spun it herself. In order to get this image, we went to Forest Park because I knew there were great panning opportunities with all the play sets they had there. The way I set up my seen was by me sitting inside the play set, so I had a steady hold on the camera, my sister ran and jumped on after spinning the ‘merry-go-round’,  and then I took the picture with my shutter speed on a low speed.

The rules of composition I used to make this image better was rule of thirds and avoid distractions. By using these rules of composition I am able to make my photo more interesting. For the panning image above, the rules of thirds has helped you be able to see the motion from spinning. Avoiding distractions helped the image stay focused on the subject, instead of making the audience wonder what could be in the background. Elements and Principles that I used to make this image more appealing to the eye was value, color, balance, emphasis, and movement/rhythm. Since I have incorporated these elements and principles it makes the image stand out and interesting to look at.

I chose my sister as the subject because I felt it would make the image more engaging for my audience, and make them want to think of that fun she was having. Having her as my subject has also helped me express my voice. In this image, my voice was trying the make my audience that at any age, there is still room to take a break and have fun. Throughout this photo shoot it has helped me see the world differently by making me think of all the possible ways I could use the shutter speed, to make the world be more interesting.

As I got into the photo shoot I realized that one of my weaknesses was trying to come up with panning image ideas, however they were the most fun to take. A strength I had during this photo shoot was being able to come up with freeze motion images.

One thing  I would change about this assignment, is lower the amount of freeze images needed, and up the number of panning and blur motion images. I say this because freeze motion was a pretty quick image to get, whereas the panning and blur you had to go out and use your creative mind to get the pictures. This will allow students to go out and practice seeing the world through a camera lens with an artistic mindset.


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