Depth of Field Reflection


For the Depth of Field photo shoot we were to take pictures that had shallow depth, normal depth and great depth. In the image above, I took a picture of a ‘scare crow’ that was put up for decoration downtown. I went downtown because I knew it was a place where I could get creative subjects for my photo shoot. The way I set up my image was by first off centering my subject, then stood at an angle where I am able to see the scare crow and the sidewalk that it was on, after I adjusted my camera to have a low f-stop and snapped my image so the scare crow was the main focus and the background was there but blurry.

The rules of composition made my image better because it helped make the image more interesting. I used avoid centering so that my audience can get an idea of where the scare crow was located and so there was more variety in the image. I also used include depth, and this help my image stand out because it wasn’t just a ‘flat’ image and it made the scare crow pop more. Some elements and principles I used in this photo shoot were lines, space, emphasis, and movement/rhythm.

I chose to do the scare crow because it was something unique and interesting. Also I thought it fit the time of year — Halloween. I incorporated my voice, as an artist, in the image by knowing the scare crow was made by students, therefore I wanted to show that a artist has no age limit. . .anyone can make art as long as they have a creative mind. This assignment helped me see the world differently because I never realized the amount of depth there is around me.

At first my weakness was finding depth, but as the assignment went on that became my strength. If there was one thing I could change about this assignment, I would make it mandatory for the students to go out of their neighborhood because there are so many great picture opportunities around town for this photo shoot.


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