The Future of Photography

It’s hard to think what the future of technology, transportation, and the world will be like. Photography is just a little drop in the whole mist of the whole thought of the future. Think about it, digital cameras probably wasn’t in the minds of the first inventors of the Cyanotype and pinhole camera, in 1836. They didn’t have the intention to have the pictures taken to be put up on social media.

It is crazy to think about the successes of photography in the next 10, 50,  or 100 years. In 10 years, I see photography staying pretty much the same. Maybe they’ll have better quality, so when you transfer the images from different devices the quality wouldn’t decrease or change. In 50 years, I could see photography popular and so easy to handle. What I mean by that, is that the camera wouldn’t be big and heavy with all the equipment, and it would be smaller, lighter and thinner. In 100 years, I see photography as being part of your phone, like your phone camera would have the ability to change aperture, f-stop, and ISO, just like the digital cameras now. Also the phone camera would produce the same quality images as the digital camera.

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