Color Composition Photoshoot

For the color composition photo shoot we had gotten a color, drawn from a hat, to take pictures of. The color that I had was purple, so all of my images had to have the theme of purple.


The image that I took was of umbrellas at a college I passed through. Their colors were yellow and purple, so it was a great place to find purple and take a picture of. I went down to Tennessee for a labor day weekend trip, and my family and I were driving through different colleges down there. I set up my scene by placing myself at an angle were I was able to see the umbrellas in a line and all you can really see was a line of purple umbrella tops.

I used the rule of including depth from the rules of composition to help my image have a three dimensional perspective to draw the audience attention to see more purple, not only in the foreground but also the middle and background. Elements that I used to help my image was line, color and value. Line was used by the umbrellas being in align with each other and color was used by having purple be the main image.  Some principles that I used was unity, emphasis, pattern/repetition and movement/rhythm. Unity was shown with all of the umbrellas looking the same not only with color but also shape. There was emphasis because the image was just of the purple umbrella tops and not of the tables and the umbrellas, that way the audience can tell the main focus of the image was purple umbrellas and not the setting. The pattern/repetition was the umbrellas and the movement/rhythm was the umbrellas being in the foreground, middle ground, and background.

My subject matter was purple umbrellas and the voice I incorporated, as an artist, was to get close to your subject and capture your thoughts. This assignment helped me view the world differently by helping me see there are a variety of things to take pictures of in any color, including purple which I thought would have been a struggle at first.

Strengths I had for this assignment was including the rules of composition with out deeply thinking of it, finding good subjects, and going out finding a new form of taking an image. Weaknesses I had for this assignment was trying to get my camera to focus on my subjects, specifically the ones I took up close. There really isn’t anything I would change in this assignment because it really does help us get out of our comfort zone and find new pictures to take, outside of your surroundings.


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