Rules of Composition Photoshoot

In my photography class at school, we were assigned a Rules of Composition photo shoot. For this project I took a variety of pictures that represent the rules of composition. I took these inside my house and in my backyard because there was so many image ideas to capture the rules of composition. For most of my pictures they were already in a place for a good picture, but for some of them I had moved the object to a place with better lighting. The rules of composition made these images better because it made the images interesting and not centered or “stationary”. The elements and principles I used in this photo shoot are line, shape value, unity, contrast, and pattern/repetition. I used these in my photo shoot by including at least one of them in each photo. The subjects I chose were simple yet appealing to the eye. By doing that I added my voice because I wanted to get across that you don’t need a perfect object/subject to make an interesting photo. This assignment helped me view the world differently by helping me clearly see there that anything around you can be turned into a good image if you use the right rule of composition. Some of my strengths with this assignment was finding and applying rules of thirds as well as point of interest. My weakness for this assignment would probably have to be making sure I found the rules correctly and took them the right way. Over all this assignment has helped me take newer and more interesting photos than I had before, by just applying a few rules of composition to the image.

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