Expectations for my HS Photography class

This year I have decided to take the photography class at my school. I signed up for this class to learn more about the art of photography. I know there is more to just taking a picture and making it look pretty by adding a filter from VSCO or Instagram. I am hoping to learn more about how to use my camera better and how to use photoshop.

By the end of the year I want to be able to do more than just point and shoot a picture I want to be able to add more to my pictures, other than just an individual and the background. I want to be able to add some kind of voice or tone in the picture based on the lighting and setting. I also want to have mastered some skills in photoshop.

I am hoping to have a small photography business, as a side job, in the future. Right now I have just been doing photo shoots for close friend and family, and I am hoping to expand that as the years go on.

A way you can help as my teacher to reach these goals is to have patients with me because I am not always the fastest learner and tend to take my time to learn or finish something.

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