“Photography is an art of observation. It has little to do with the things you see and everything to do with the way you see them.”

~Elliott Erwitt


Artist Statement 2017

Throughout this year in my photography class we have been assigned to do various photo shoots. In the first semester we focused strictly on different ways to use the camera and its functions, whereas in the second semester we applied those techniques to new styles of photography. All these photo shoots have definitely helped me grow as a photographer. In semester one, the rules of composition and shutter speed photo shoots have definitely helped me make my pictures more interesting. In the rules of composition photo shoot I learned how to make my images attention grabbing yet focused on one subject. For the shutter speed photo shoot I was able to learn how to use my shutter and take different types of photos with different settings. In semester two, I really enjoyed the parody artist photo shoot and landmark photo shoot. With both of these I was able to apply everything I learned in semester one and apply my voice in each photo. For the parody artist photo shoot I was inspired by Brian Duffy with the style of photography and his color scheme. Within the landmark photo shoot I was able to incorporate my voice because I had to take photos of what is valuable to me in the town that I live in. Overall, I have been able to see how the photo shoots done in semester one has helped make my photo shoots in semester two better.

Out of all the photos I have taken this year I think this image shown above has stood out to me the most. In my opinion, I feel that this image represents my style of photography. I enjoy the color scheme and lighting within this image because both set the tone of it. One thing I wish I had done differently would probably be what I focused on. Now, I know that the focus should be on the subject, but I feel that if it was focused on what is in front of her it would make the composition of the image more interesting. Although I wish I could have done that, I still think that the image is fine the way it is. The space in the image was mainly taken up by what surrounds the subject and it helps the audience see where she is. In this image specifically, I did not follow the rule of thirds rule of composition. I did this on purpose because it helps my voice that I wanted to be projected in the image. The center of interest is directly in the center of my image because I wanted my audience to see where she was. In the foreground and background, it was all just sticks and trees, then in the middle-ground that was where my subject sat. I felt that the this set up helped bring unity to the image and kind of blend the subject in with her surroundings. After looking at the image and deeply reflecting it I have found that I unintentionally incorporated most of the elements and principles of art. I know I meant to include the value and color elements in as well as the pattern and rhythm principles in this image. But I have found that the majority of the elements and principles of art are in this picture. In all, after reflecting further about this image, I think I have learned that I would like to continue this style of photography after this class.

In all of my photo shoots this year, all of them included my voice. I feel that my voice is seen in the photo shoots from semester two more than semester one. Voice, to me, means expressing your thoughts, feelings, and/or opinion based on perspective. Some people do it through either writing, a speech, or even a song, but my voice it expressed through my photography. If I had to choose one photo shoot that demonstrates my voice the most I would have to choose the landmark photo shoot. But like I said earlier, my voice is seen in all of my photo shoots. My art work expresses being who you truly are. I feel that the locations of my photos make them unique because I always try to take them where I have memories at (if the images are for me) or locations where my subject has memories. I would have to say that I try to have my subject express the emotion in the picture, but the emotion is their emotion and how they feel at the moment. To me, my art work is the best way for me to share my voice and express myself. I have been inspired to do photography by my friends, family, and other photographers on social media. I have always enjoyed looking the images taken by others, and I would love to make someone feel that way. So far, I have manifested my influences into my work by having them as my subject (my friends and family) and trying the different styles of photography I see by other photographers. I hope that my audience is able to imagine themselves as the subject in the image at the moment. If my images do not have a human subject, then I hope they are able to imagine themselves in the location in the picture and be happy. I really want them to be able to find their way to express who they are whether it be through photography, writing, singing, etc.

Overall, my experience in photography class this year has definitely made me a better photographer. Every thing that I have done this school year I am able to use it in my future, which I am excited about. I have found strengths and weakness in my photography skills as the year has gone on, but I also have found ways of improve my weaknesses and stay consistent with my strengths. As the year progressed, I was able to see that most of my photos had more of a portrait style than a landscape style. I am pleased to have figured out my favorite style of photography this year, that way I can continue growing and learning about it. I am looking forward to see how much I will have improved in the future compared to now, especially after seeing some of the improvement I have made this year.